Discovery Phase

Discover phase is a phase precedes the creation of digital platforms, whether it’s a website or an application. It is aimed at identifying the basic requirements for the project, analyzing and adjusting business goals, and making expert recommendations regarding the best way to implement the client’s idea. In fact, it’s an important step towards the future success and prosperity of a startup.

Discovery or scoping phase is a process of collecting and analyzing information about the project, its intended market, audience. It allows getting a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the goals, scope, and limitations.

Business discovery stage helps understand the end users, their needs, and requirements. The technical part of the process leads to the system requirements specification (SRS). This document includes information necessary for development. For example, primary and additional features, measurable deliverables, and more.

Depending on the project’s scope, the discovery phase can last from one week to two months. One sprint (2 weeks) is a typical timeframe. The cost may be fixed or calculated based on the hourly rates and the time spent.

Project manager, business analyst, and account manager take the lead during the discovery stage. Sometimes team leads, developers, or designers can join the efforts. They help with SRS, wireframe prototypes or scope assessment.

At the onset of the discovery phase, the team requests several meetings. Each of them can be 1 to 2 hours long and helps to get a better understanding of the project. The rest of the process doesn’t require your constant input.

Considering the time and budget investments, the discovery phase outputs are crucial. Once it is complete, you will receive:

System requirements specification. It fully describes the project, its goals, features, suggested technology stack, and architecture overview. Study it carefully and suggest corrections before you approve it.

Preliminary UX prototype. Long before developers start working on your project, you will receive a simple representation of the digital interface and its critical features. Coupled with an SRS, it provides a clear understanding of how the project will work and feel once it is finished.

MVP development plan and estimates. You will get a suggested team lineup, an accurate estimate of the development timeline and budget. The numbers based on the discovery phase UX prototype and SRS are unlikely to change along the way and ruin your business goals.

Project discovery is the initial step of project development (check out other services we offer). It’s aimed at collecting information about the project to identify its Vision, Goals, and Scope.

The Discovery phase is helpful to:

Better identify project scope and goals resulting in a more accurate estimate

Make design decisions based on data, not assumptions

Help ensure a higher return on investment

Create a user-oriented experience

Avoid the need for making costly changes during advanced stages of the development process

Involve in-house specialists at an early stage to maximize the impact of their familiarity with the problem to be solved.

As soon as pre-discovery is done and the budget is determined we build a Discovery team to help achieve our objectives. The team usually has four experts – Business Analyst, Developer, UI/UX designer, and Project manager.