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Diversified e-commerce solutions that drive customer satisfaction, expanding audience and boosting sales

E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

E-commerce solutions are the products and services that help a company conduct business electronically. E-commerce solutions allow people to purchase goods and services online. The direct monetary transaction may or may not be involved, it solely depends upon the mode of payment chose by the customer. However, a sale must have happened online.

The range of available e-commerce solutions is vast, including those that allow traditional businesses to design, create, and operate World Wide Web sites.

An e-commerce website, by definition, is a website that allows you to buy and sell tangible goods, digital products or services online. E-commerce is often used to refer to the sale of physical products online, but it can also describe any kind of commercial transaction that is facilitated through the internet. Transactions have been going on all over the world for centuries, locally, and across locations. Keeping the same concept in mind, now think electronic.

There are four main types of E-commerce models that can describe almost every transaction that takes place between consumers and businesses:

  1. Business to Consumer (B2C): When a business sells a good or service to an individual consumer (e.g. You buy a pair of shoes from an online retailer).
  2. Business to Business (B2B): When a business sells a good or service to another business (e.g. A business sells software-as-a-service for other businesses to use)
  3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C): When a consumer sells a good or service to another consumer (e.g. You sell your old furniture on eBay to another consumer).
  4. Consumer to Business (C2B): When a consumer sells their own products or services to a business or organization (e.g. An influencer offers exposure to their online audience in exchange for a fee, or a photographer licenses their photo for a business to use).

Retail, Wholesale, Dropshipping, Crowdfunding, Subscription, Physical products, Digital products and Services are some of the examples of E-commerce.

Ebay and Amazon, the grandfathers of ecommerce, paved the way to a newer and more convenient way of shopping. Online buying and selling were already a thing before, but because of these companies, e-commerce website became an easier and more preferred platform to a lot of consumers.